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Originally Posted by TMI Guy View Post
That's really interesting. I've been going through the Hampton and Hooksett tolls for years, and if anything it seems that the traffic is getting worse. Thank goodness for EZPass and the high speed toll lanes.

Where are you getting your information that traffic through the tolls is down as a result of more people using the back roads?
I agree, most coming north are in such a rush to get from point A to point B the last thing they would do is take the back roads, even if it cost them a couple of bucks more.
That is why I couldn't understand why they never put in a toll both at the state line in Nashua, the big push was because it would increase traffic on the back roads.
Are you kidding me? Anyone who has driven in the Nashua area knows that getting off the highway in that area is done only as a necessity.
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