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The system works fine with trailers, done it a bunch of times and it takes the appropriate fee. Early on there was an issue where a motorcycle right behind your car would be misinterpreted as a trailer, but that was fixed pretty quickly.

I've only had two problems with ezpass, and I signed up pretty soon after it was offered in NH so that's been quite a while.

1) I drove down to MA and went through the rochester, dover pt, and hampton tolls, then did the same route on the way back. 5 of the 6 worked fine, but one of the dover pt trips I got a violation letter about. They claimed my plate was not in the ezpass database, so I got the ticket. I looked online and my plate was listed as "1234-ABC" instead of "1234 ABC", so I changed it to a space, checked the 'yes I really do have ezpass' box and mailed it back, and never heard anything about it again.

2) I was driving my mother-in-law's car...and she doesn't have ezpass...but I was thoroughly conditioned (ala Pavlov) to drive through the ezpass lane. She got a ticket in the mail a few weeks later. Not really a system problem per-se, but it's something to consider. (Yes, I paid the ticket.)

As for Florida...don't get me started. I rented a car in Orlando early this year and brought my ezpass with me...only to find it was incompatible with the system there. Luckily the attendant warned me before I found out the hard way. The rental company wanted $8/day to use their transponder (plus toll fees) which I declined.

Even though I went through cash tolls every time (see story 2 above where I learned my lesson) two months later I get hit up by the rental car company saying I ran a a cash toll...and my CC has been charged for the toll plus a $50 administrative fee to the rental company...who very likely just got charged the 75 for the toll by the state on their account. Completely false, smells a LOT like a scam, are you going to fight it?

Ironically, the one incident I *was* worried about was after hours when there was nobody staffing the tolls, and the coin-op machine was not working. Everyone was getting the red light and the alarm bell as they threw in coins and drove through, myself included. That wasn't the one that they complained about though. Turns out the FL machines are notorious for jamming, and they figured out that they shouldn't issue tickets for times when they know the machine is not working.
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