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Default Resident or not

Originally Posted by JasonG View Post
Years ago when I lived in MA, my family had a place in NH. We were told if we registered our boat trailer in NH we could not tow it out of the state of NH. The basis of this was because we were MA residents and registering something out of our resident state.

Granted this was almost 20 years ago, but something to double with with your PA/NH trip
A non-resident may register a car or trailer in NH but the vehicle registered cannot be out of state overnight. The registration issued will say "non resident" on it. I would be surprised if any police officer from another state knows about that NH law. And, if they do know, an officer from another state can't write you a ticket for violating a NH law.

The NH Department of Motor Vehicles assumes residency based on what state your driver's license is from. So even if your primary residence, the town you vote in and file your income taxes from is in New Hampshire you can only get a non resident registration if your driver's license is from another state. I know this because I drove a company vehicle in Florida while working there this past winter. The Florida company required that I get a Florida driver's license. While in Florida I bought a new car to drive back to NH but my town refused to register it because without a NH driver's license they could only issue me a non resident registration and they wouldn't do that because they concluded (correctly) that to get back from Florida the car would be out of town overnight.

The way the laws are written they leave you no way to be right. In order to obtain a Florida driver's license I had to claim to be a Florida resident even though I am only there less than 1/2 the year. OOps!
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