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Originally Posted by lacey
The Mini-Mount is a great ship! It's fun to watch her follow the Mount or ride side by side. We used to see her more often but last year was the first time we had seen her for a few years over by the Weirs. From what I understand she is 45' feet vessel and is docked in Wolfboro. I would like to know if anyone has any info on a party boat we used to see. It looked like an old barge with lattace sides with a stair case leading to an upper deck. Haven't seen that around in a while, is it still on the lake?
The barge you're referring to has been beached in a cove on Stonedam Island for most of the past two summers (part of Stonedam is still privately owned). I didn't see it out much last year and I haven't noticed if it's still there now.
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