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Time to hit the Market Basket in Plymouth which has a dining room area, up front, where you can eat their yummy prepared food at a very clean and quiet cafeteria style table or counter WITHOUT having to tip anyone. Is open from 6am-8pm Mon-Sat, and 6am-7pm on Sunday.

Just watch out for some young attractive woman, about age-25 with dark hair, accompanied by a guy back at their table, trying to get you to give her change for what had to be a phony hundred dollar bill. She goes ..... excuse me .... any chance you can change this hundred dollar bill for me? ...... I go ..... that CANNOT be a real hundred dollar bill! ...... she giggles and fast walks away? ..... is better to be safe than sorry. It was actually too large in size, length x width, to be real. .... and too brite green. Was a strange experience, there, on May 5 or 6 at about 7:30-pm. ..... I scratch my head ..... was she just kidding or what? ..... .... So, I figure the best thing to do is just to forget about it, at the time.

Something that would not happen at the VK in Moultonborough, and was a little surprised by that, after all this is Plymouth New Hampshire, and not Plymouth, Massachusetts.
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