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Originally Posted by codeman671 View Post
There are major shortages in the semiconductors and connectors used in both the automotive and marine industry. Many items have lead times of 52 weeks presently.

Semiconductor supply chain is my primary business so I am seeing it first hand. Components are going for 10-100x normal pricing with huge demand.
You are correct. 52 weeks is the current lead time for components in the Telecom industry. Add 3-4 weeks production time and 6 weeks for shipping. Shipping cost and time is increasing as well. It all adds up to price increases and inflation. How long until interest rates go up and we see a downturn for 12-18 months or longer?

I reached out in March to a local dealer looking for a year old 22' bowrider in Fall of 21 or Fall of 22. I am still waiting to hear back, but wanted to get my name on the list. We will see how the pricing looks when/if something comes up.
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