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Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
I know him personally, and he in mind is not like that. It must have been quite a row to set him off. APS maybe but not FLL. I can forgive FLL but APS piss me off long ago and will never be forgiven. He embarrasses me big time at Garwood's in front of friends and family members. So I just ignore him on this site. I did send him a curse PM when he made some mean remarks on my posts, since then he stops. I have to give a little credit.
My cellphone alerted me to Top-Water's brief and angry replies—which I ignored.

Addressing me, he wrote, "Why are you writing in my thread?" (Words to that effect, when I'd advised of a duplicate photograph). In the first photograph, he'd asked for the year of the car in the photo—FLL beat me to the ID.

Top-Water really flew off the handle when FLL was able to copy the sign at Camp Kehonka's beachfront. (Wording is still in the thread). Both of Top-Water's peculiar rants disappeared shortly afterwards.

As for the Garwood$ complaint, BroadHopper has confused me with someone else. I've received no "curse PMs" and been at Garwood$ only once—when it opened. Was it twenty years ago?
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