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Originally Posted by TheProfessor View Post
Not clear whether you are seeking a riding mower or a smaller compact tractor sometimes called a landscape tractor.

Take a ride to Ryan Tractor at Exit 20 in Tilton and view what is in stock.

Or take a ride to Warner, NH and view the Mahindra tractors.

I guess what I'm looking for is a heavy duty riding mower. I don't need a bucket/snowblower attachment, etc. but I'd like a heavy enough frame to tow things around.

It's sounding like what I've got should last me a while longer, so maybe I'll just put some money into tune-up parts.

So, can someone suggest what I should be replacing? I'm embarrassed to say I've not done a thing other than oil/filter, blades, battery, and fuel.

I'm thinking:
Spark plug
Deck rebuild kit w/new spindles/belt
Fuel filter

The machine starts and runs perfectly, but it takes time for the blades to wind up and wind down and it doesn't seem to cut as well on one side.

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