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Originally Posted by Winilyme View Post
I've kept a close eye on Winni lakefront real estate listings for six years. At this point, in most cases, I can get a pretty good sense of when things are priced in the right ballpark (or at least I could pre-COVID). But every once in awhile I come across a listing that I totally don't get and this is one of them. I just can't imagine this home going for anywhere close to what's being asked. To me, knowing only what I read in the listing, this seems to be at least $1.0M more than what I'd guess it could sell for, even in this market and even with 1.5 acres and 200 feet waterfront.

Other than a fishing expedition and/or an overreaction to an obviously exuberant market, does it appear to you that this is a $4M dollar slice of heaven?

On the other hand, in this market, soon as I hit 'submit' it'll probably sell for $250K over asking.
Unreal. Now under contract... We shall see what it will actually sell for... Dropped from original asking of $3.995M to currently listed at $3.25M.
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