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Originally Posted by upthesaukee View Post
This is true, but General Stark's toast is not simply "Live free or die".

The full toast is "Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils."

And by the time he penned this toast, it was already a popular phrase in the French Revolution "Vivre Libre ou Mourir", (Live free or die).

Interesting that you joined the Forum (Jan 2003) at the same time Rep Dave Lawton Introduced HB753 to establish Gen. John Stark Day. It was his last bill before he left the House. The Motto, "Live Free or Die" was the subject of a bill by his father, Rep. Bob Lawton, in 1999. His first bill. The full quote you posted is accurate, I believe, but won't fit on a license plate. Notice that national media rarely refers to us now as the Granite State, but prefers the "Live Free or Die" state. Bravo. Yes, this is the Lawton Family that operates/owns Funspot and the nearby Winnipesaukee Museum.
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