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Default April 12 is Gen. John Stark Day

Just a reminder, Monday, April 12, is Gen. John Stark Day
The following is excerpted from testimony to the NH House and NH Senate in January and March of 2017.

"I think we all know that our state motto "Live Free or Die" is attributed to General Stark, and that his statue is on the front lawn of our capitol. More detail on his deeds were described in HB753, offered by Representative David Lawton in 2003. I think they are worth recalling.
Excerpted from HB753 of 2003:
The general court finds and declares that it is the duty of every citizen to recognize the accomplishments of those New Hampshire citizens who risked their lives and property to establish a free and independent American nation and who played a key role, often overlooked, in major battles of the American Revolution that shaped the history of this nation.
II. Foremost among these was General John Stark, who commanded 1,000 New Hampshire troops at the battle of Bunker Hill in June of 1775 and whose foresight and leadership enabled the New Hampshire forces to hold off the strongest force of veteran British regular troops for the bulk of the battle, inflicting such heavy losses on the British troops that they never again attempted a frontal attack on fortified American positions throughout the entire Revolutionary War.
III. After saving the day at the first major battle of the Revolution, General Stark went on to lead New Hampshire troops to victory at the Battle of Bennington on August 16, 1777, encouraging his forces on by telling them "There are the redcoats and they are ours, or this night Molly Stark sleeps a widow." The defeat of the British and Hessian troops, over 200 of whom were killed and 600 taken as prisoner, sealed the fate of the British forces under General Burgoyne, leading to their defeat at Saratoga and the recognition of the United States as an independent nation by France and other European nations.
IV. General John Stark, who was the truest embodiment of New Hampshire's fiercely independent spirit, gave voice to that love of freedom which has marked our state's history with his immortal words "Live Free or Die," which have since been recognized as the state's motto. Therefore, it is in the public interest to recognize the contributions made by General Stark in helping secure a free and independent American nation by proclaiming the fourth Monday in April, which was formerly celebrated as Fast Day, as John Stark Day."
(Rep. Christensen)
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