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Default Credit cards vs cash

JMHO: Credit card or cash at restaurants. Here's the choices:

If you want to go to a restaurant and it allows payment by credit or debit card, feel free to use either to pay for your meal, or you can of course pay cash.

If you want to go to a restaurant that does not allow credit or debit card payments, there are 3 choices: Go to the bank to get cash; go to an ATM to get cash (usually one on site); or go to a place that accepts plastic.

We've gone to the VK a few times (wrong side of the lake for us) and used the ATM there. We go to Pop's and get cash from TDBank or Pop's ATM. Ditto for any other business that is cash only. I do not expect any business to change their model for my benefit. It has worked for them for many years, it's working for them in current times, and most likely will continue to do so in the future.

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