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Originally Posted by winterh View Post
On average you may be correct on the sale vs assessment but this one is way off the mark. Someone taking a shot at the moon or a realtor who tried to buy the listing by convincing the owners he would get them more than others. The beach is nice but not at the expense of good docking and deep water. Maybe you find a newcomer who doesn't realize that or has other priorities than boating. Low 2's would be my guess if it sells at all but since I already own waterfront I would be happy to be proven wrong.
Well that’s the thing. Newcomers have no idea of all the pros and cons of deep water access, water quality, exposure, dust, wind, exposure to the broads , septic limits etc.

The town appraisals don’t factor in a lot of those details either.

Took me 3 properties and 30 years to figure it all out

There are $5m properties that I wouldn’t buy if I could get it for $1m because of compromises I would not make at the $1m Mark. I want gorgeous sunsets without being exposed to “the broads”. Among 20 other things. Not easy to find.
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