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Default Baby Boomer

I am on the leading edge of the baby boomer generation 31-Dec-1946.

I am old enough to remember the Shore Dinner and the ice cream parlor across from the old Swedish Village next to the golf driving range.

The big thing for me as a child was to reach the age where I could skipper our boat. It was a wooden row boat with a 5 HP Evinrude on the back.

I have been coming to the lake since 1957 and at one point in the 70's purchased a home on Long Island for a outlandish price of 44,000 including 300 feet of waterfront with dock and swim platform. Marriage, 2 Children and job assignments around the world forced us to sell it. If we kept that and put zero into our 401K over the years, we would be well off today since the house sat on two lots.
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