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Default Chiming in again!

Hi Chickie! These questions about the OLD days do bring us out don't they?? I remember eating at The Captain's Table, and I think, also, one of the later seafood ones. Like you, can't remember the name (does that say something about us or the place???). It seemed to me The Captain's table was always pretty busy... so,just like my question relative to The Big Banana, I wonder why it went away? That was "Burger Alley" then, and having a decent seafood place there was great. Even now, it seems surprising that this pretty water location hosts a Veterinarian (no offense to the Vet) and not a nice eating place! Not enough parking?

I do have a question about "The Mart". I do (barely) remember it. Was it in the location that The Globe eventually moved to, from the bottom of White Oaks Rd.? Isn't that now where the movie theater is? I liked the old original Globe store, and you couldn't beat their bargains. IMO it never was the same after it moved...oh well...goodbye "past"!!
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