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Default Captain's Table and Other Ramblings

The Captainís Table and the Windmill were two different restaurants. The Captainís Table occupied the present Lakes Region Veterinarian Hospital building, while the Windmill Restaurant was at the bottom of White Oaks Road. The building is still there but I donít know what it is now. It was an antique shop and a paint store for a while after the Windmill ceased to be.

The Captainís Table was first known as Chickland, a restaurant built about 1958 by Edward Spadafora. He later changed the name to the Captainís Table and it operated under that name until around 1981. After that time it had two or three different owners and all specialized in seafood. They had seafaring names but I canít recall what they were. I believe one of them had ďAnchorĒ in the name. Wonder if anyone remembers these restaurants? It operated as a Wendyís in the early to mid 1990ís, prior to Wendy's relocation to Lakeshore Road.

I remember the White Owl Cabins and next to them were the Bluebird Cabins, then the Douglas House on the same side of the street. On the lake side of the street (next to the cemetery) were the Sunset Cabins, Happy Landing Cabins and Douglas House owned a piece of property on that side, as well. Then there was the Swedish Village with its distinctive red cabins dotting the landscape. All gone but not forgotten.
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