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Default Remembering....mid to late 70's

Staying at the "Holiday Bungalows" on Paugus Bay every summer.
Bowling on the Weirs strip.
Waiting in lines that took forever at The Kellerhaus.
Dinners with the family at The Windmill. (I think it is a furniture store now???)
And, hitting golf balls at a driving range that is on the left hand side of the street, heading toward the Weirs, a short while after Funspot. The remains are still there. The old lights, and the land was never used for anything. It still looks very much like a driving range that was simply abandoned. I give it a look every time I drive by, and think back 30 years, of my dad sitting there, watch me hit golf balls.
How does the Eddie Money song go? "I wanna go back, go back, and do it all over, but I can't go back, I know...."
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