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Default The Russians Are Coming!

Originally Posted by Top-Water View Post
Obviously it was 1966 when everyone on the coast line of Massachusetts was in a panic about the invasion.

Very likely Barney Bear is correct with WWII ration tokens.
I'm now 66 (changed categories since I answered the poll) and have been at the lake since 1959. Had to laugh when I saw this movie mentioned. My grandparents took us to see it at the Colonial Theater in Laconia. We stay at Sandy Point. My grandfather left the lights on in his 1959 Chevy, and naturally when we got out of the movie the battery was dead. By the time we got out of the show and found the car wouldn't start, the sidewalks had been rolled up and no one was around. My grandmother and younger brother stayed with the car, and Pop and my brother and I started walking. We were on Union Ave. and a policeman stopped and wound up taking us to Cantin Chevrolet where a tow truck was on night duty. He took us back and got the car going again and we drove back to Sandy Point hoping that the car would be fully charged by the time we arrived. Still watch the movie whenever I see it's on. "Emergency, everyone to get from street!"
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