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Default mass emails flocking to the trash can..

Originally Posted by bclaker View Post
Does anyone know how to delete all e-mails on iPad with a single set of strokes. I used to be able to do it using the MOVE button, but that doesn’t work any more. I have about 50,000 e-mails that need to be deleted. I posted the question on Facebook but got no answers. I also tried Googling it and several said the way I used to do it, but one said with one of the OS updates, it was deleted and they have to be deleted one at a time.

i believe you :

1- hit edit (circles appear)
2- check just one email in your box
3- hold finger on "move" (located at the bottom of screen)
4- while holding finger on "move", un-check that one email.

a folder should then display

5- click trashcan
and all emails should migrate to the trash folder at one time.

again, not confident 100% this is applicable to every IOS version.
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