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Originally Posted by upthesaukee View Post
A lot of it deals with location, good quality food, and service. Olde Bay Diner in Alton Bay, Farmer's Kitchen in Farmington, and The Eggshell in Loudon, to name a few. I think Donna Jean's in the Weirs probably fit in this category too. Some, not all, have a lower overhead because they do not own their buildings, so no taxes, maintenance, e.t.c, only the rent/ lease. The locals will support these businesses, carrying them through the slower months.

Just my humble opinion, and my love of breakfast and lunch dining. (Almost forgot Kitchen Cravings in Gilford, certainly a cut above the norm. ).

While I agree with you on location, quality and service, I feel compelled to point out an error in your logic. Renters pay ALL the same overhead as owners. They also pay the landlord's profit. They are also at the mercy of the landlord when it comes time to negotiate a lease extension. This doesn't mean that owning is always better than renting (tax write-offs, less initial capital), but controlling your own premises is one more step to remaining in business long term.
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