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Originally Posted by Taz View Post
I pay my fair share of taxes in a Winni shorefront town as well, on 2 properties. Not sure what that has to do with loons.

Just because shoreline developement can not be reversed does not change the fact that shoreline development is the major reason for loons losing most of their nesting sites.

I disagree with intensification in number and size of boat wakes. There are more and more pontoon boats and less and less large cruiser type boats. There are more and more people buying property off the lake locally and buying a small day boat/pontoon boat instead of living on a large cruiser for a weekend. Alot less large cruisers on the lake and many more pontoon and day boats.
• Developers in my particular Florida County are required to donate to the County a less-desirable building lot that is equivalent in size to the one they are developing.

• That unbuilt lot is added to the County's Conservation Trust. (Which abuts 100s of thousands of Federally-owned wildlife refuge acres—where Jet-Skis are prohibited).

• Well intentioned Lakes Region Towns could set aside tax monies to buy-back suitable Loon shoreline habitat for restoration. However, there's no point in initiating such a program, as oversized boaters will continually assault such restorations.

• As for "boating intensity", you probably didn't know that Johnson's Cove once had a waterski slalom course set up in its calm waters. Visit Johnson's Cove on any summer weekend to see what "boating intensity" looks like today.

Maybe a photograph of boat houses, docks, boat lifts, breakwaters or dock awnings that have been "downsized" would help me understand the reduction in boat wakes mentioned above?

Originally Posted by brk-lnt View Post
So then your father didn't really understand what he was observing?
As a life-long aviator in the 'Boros, he had a bird's-eye view of land that was compromised in one way or another.
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