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Originally Posted by WakeboardMom View Post
Was it the Depot before or after it was the Station? I was there in the late 80's when it was the Station; in the heyday of MTV and they had the giant screen showing videos of the songs. So much fun!

We alternated that with Jade Island and sometimes the Sweetwater (?) Inn in Moultonborough.
Originally Posted by dpg View Post
I believe it was the Depot last, not sure I remember it as the Station.
Originally Posted by Waterbaby View Post
dpg - it was the station before it was the depot, but...... that's a different thread!
It was the Depot first 1980 to 1982 ish Then Meredith Station after, I worked there in 1981 - 1982 then at his other club he opened up in Florida after he lost interest (just put simply - actually a longer sad story) in the Meredith location. His dad owned a home on Loch Lane on Governors Island and a number of other properties in Laconia.

Depot menu pictures in this thread.

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