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Default Jo Greens in Wolfeboro

Was at this restaurant over the holiday week and was not impressed.The server suggested that I get the Lobster Roll Special. My wife ordered a Salad from the salad bar. After eating a mediocre lobster roll(wrong type of bread) and a wilted salad from the salad bar (off of a 6 inch plate), they presented me a bill for $50.03! I should also mention that this included an ice tea and a diet Coke. But $29.95 for a mediocre lobster roll? I mean,both the Lobster Connection and The Canoe are under $20,00 for a quality, nicely done lobster roll. Factor in uncooked french fries and a not so clean environment and you can see why we will not return.

I have heard similar experiences from other individuals and while the wait staff was nice and the view spectacular, I cannot recommend this establishment to anyone I know.
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