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Default Defunct condos

Originally Posted by Overlake97 View Post
I know this is an old thread, but it seemed like a good place to ask this question: Were these two columns, about 1000 feet south of the Weirs Beach roundabout (on the left), the entrance to a Chinese restaurant at one time? I have a memory of one being there, and even eating there, but my wife thinks I dreamt it.
The area you are referring to is land that was supposed to be developed by "Hillbilly Construction." They were supposed to build condos on that land and there used to be a sign hanging between those two poles. I remember it well because friends of ours had a condo that backed up to that land and sold it (prematurely I might add) fearing over crowded housing at his back door. Soon after he sold, the economy tanked and no more Hillbilly Construction project happening anywhere in the neighborhood.

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