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Exclamation ...... Canada goose vs bald eagle!

You know there's been a Canada goose nest on nearby Horse Island occupied every March to May by the same female since 2012. It is in the center of the island, and gets rebuilt every spring.

This female Canada goose is identifiable with its broken, protruding large center feather appendage. Anyway, this year, she showed up with a new male goose, who seems to be a younger goose than her old male who had an aluminum band on one leg.

Yesterday, at about 4-pm, these two geese and two eagles got into a high powered, up in the air, elevated, moving airborne skirmish, so maybe these two eagles came from nearby Dolly Island?

It seems like the Canada goose and bald eagle are a long time enemy and the geese will sound their honking alarm, and power up into a super strong, super defensive attack goose when an eagle enters into its territory.

In like 5-seconds, the male goose will transform from a chill, polite, mild mannered, calm Cheez-it eating goose into a high powered, honking attack Canada goose!

It seemed that last May 2017, that an eagle attacked and ate, or at least broke, all the eggs in the Horse Island Canada goose nest so they may have a history of bad blood here.

The male always resists eating Cheez-its and just chills and remains like a quiet guard, floating on the water while the female eats up 20-30 floating orange Cheez-its. For every 20 eaten by the female, the male has maybe one? In anticipation for her sitting on the nest for six weeks?

While the eagle has sharp weapons in its pointy, sharp beak and two talon claws, the Canada goose is bigger in size and is a strong and noisy honking territory defender using its neck, head, beak and teeth for a weapon ........ so, hopefully with the two islands, Horse and Dolly, about 200-yards apart, these different bird species can co-exist on their two small islands?
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