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Default For Broadhopper and Steveo and recalling Jeff's

Way back up this thread , BH, you asked about the Iron Pot in Glendale, between the fire station and the Glendale Store.
The owners names were Charlotte and Lindsay. If I remember correctly, they were "retired" from New Jersey. They would never say what they did there.

Steveo: I too worked at Dorothy's in Glendale late 60's. First as a short order cook and the next year as counter server/soda jerk. $0.90/ an hour plus tips, I think.

All the poster's on this thread talk about the food. At one time or another, I probably ate at most of the restaurants listed. But not for the food. There were a lot of small family run restaurants that were open only in the summer and staffed by students on summer vacation. That was when summer vacation actually lasted until Labor Day. We all went to the restaurants to meet the waitresses.

Nobody has mentioned "Jeff's" at the Weirs in the Tarlson's Arcade building. Open 'til 2 am. People in shorts and people coming out of Irwin's Winnipesaukee Gardens in tuxes and evening gowns all mixed together. And a few hours later, open again for breakfast at 6am.
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