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Originally Posted by Boston Fireguy View Post
Going back further who remembers The Red Barn Restaurant at MacIntyre Circle (where Shaw's Supermarket is)? I believe John MacIntyre owned it. His brother was once the Mayor of Quincy MA. In the 90's it was The Roadkill Cafe. Or The Shore Diner? That was torn down back in the 70's (?) to make way for the former Burger King that is now Watermark Marine on Union Av. One rumor at the time put the purchase price of the Diner at $1,000,000: an unheard of price then.

My kids, in their 30s, still like to tell visitors to the Lake stories of going to BK by boat and tying up at their docks for lunch.
The Red Barn became the Boot Barn in the 70's. It was torn down to make the parking lot for Shaw's mall. The Shore Diner, Jerry's Diner was where Watermark, former Burger King. I remember the Road Kill but can't recall where it was.

I will never forget the Sportmen's Den where Jon's Roast Beef, NuWave is.

Another great place in Glendale, The Iron Pot, where the Lakeside Sharks gather. Below the Lyon's Den was the Mole's Hole.
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