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Hi Mike;

There is one other function that the digitrolls have beside bottom tracking, (which I agree is mainly for lakers) that is definitely advantageous for salmon fishing and that is the cycling feature. I do not believe any other downrigger offers this feature but I could be wrong.

The cycling feature lets you fish multiple depths at given intervals. For example, you can have the down rigger set to fish at 25' for 1 minute then automatically drop 5' 10' or whatever for the next interval. This is all done automatically by the rigger.

Now if you stack your down rigger cable and use the cycling feature, you can fish 4 different depths at given intervals! I don't do this very often but do know people that do and are very successful at it. It really allows you to target where the fish are at precisely.

In my opinion the cycling feature is worth more, at least to me, than the bottom tracking feature. The good thing is the cycling feature does not require the transducer, which has issues , and simply uses internal electronics.

Take care!

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