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Default Wolfe's Tavern Question

While reading the new posts on this thread this morning, I got thinking about when the Wolfe's Tavern opened? I have memories of having an occasional dinner (hosted by my grandfather) at the Wolfeboro Inn (restaurant) back in the late 1950's & throughout the 60's but I have no recollection of the Wolfe's Tavern being there back then. This could very well be because my sister and I were too young to be taken into the bar....but I simply have no memory of it even being there. Since becoming an adult I have become a member of the tavern's "mug club" which I didn't complete until 2008 and by virtue of the fact that my mug is #2081 (and it took me 11 years to complete the challenge) it indicates that the tavern must have been there for many years before that. Was the Tavern always there and perhaps served as the bar supporting the restaurant all the way back into the 1950's or was it opened at some point in time after that? Looking at the drawing of the inn on the placemat back in my original post .. There is no mention of the Wolfe's tavern on the sign. There also doesn't appear to be a break in the picket fence that would lead up to the tavern's front door .... But that may just have been a case of "poetic license" taken by the artist. Does anyone know something about the history of Wolfe's Tavern?
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