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Default Winnipesaukee Restaurant Nostalgia

My wife and I honeymooned on Winnipesaukee at my Grandparents' cottage near Melvin Village during Labor Day week in 1976. One of our favorite activities that week (i.e. one that I can talk about anyway) was dinning out at many of the popular restaurants of the day .... many of which no longer exist. Throughout the week we collected memorabilia (placemats, napkins, matchbooks, menus, swizzle sticks, postcards, etc) from everyplace the we ate or went. I even drew lines on a lake map (yup, it was one of those old sky-blue "NH Public Utilities Commission" navigation charts .... remember those?) for each boat trip that we took that week. While the resultant keepsake album is extremely boring to anyone other than the two of us .... it does contain a lot of items that are long since extinct and thus from that perspective are pretty cool. The following photos show some of the items from our album that I thought that you might enjoy reminiscing over.
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