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My daughter informed my last night that I have been remiss in my duties by not keeping up with this thread so I will do my best to bring us back up to date on the matter.

We left off last July when Perkins went back to GEB in NY for his formal training. Although he was progressing very nicely in his training, while he was there he developed the habit of protecting his food. He would growl while eating when approached by other dogs and/or his trainers. For this reason alone it was determined in early January that he would be released from the program.

As his puppy raisers we were given the opportunity to take him back as a full time pet. Unfortunately, we are just not the position to take on another dog full time right now so after we made the very painful decision to let him go. If you think it was hard to give him up to the program then just try to imagine what my wife and daughter went through knowing that we could now get him back and keep him forever but in the end had to opt out.

Perkins was placed with a very nice couple from Kentucky that were the lucky ones at the top of the 7 year waiting list. We have traded pictures and stories and continue to stay in touch. As an added bonus it turns out that the woman has a sister right here in Meredith, which she visits every summer. She has promised that when she comes again Perkins will be with her so we will be able to see him again.

Because we are currently in the process of a major renovation to our house my wife and I decided that we would hold off raising another puppy until that project is completed in early summer. That lasted about a month until mid February when she was asked to take on an 8 week old puppy just for one month while they located a full time family for her. Any guesses how that worked out?

Good guess..

I am pleased to introduce Ohio..(we don't name them)..The saga continues.

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