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Default Raising a service dog...

I too am sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading the postings...

My wife and I have been blessed with a trained service dog from Canine Companions of Independence...Unfortunately for many of the trained dogs most do not make the grade to go on as an answered prayer for those in need. We were very fortunate to have Victor a yellow lab introduced to our home several years ago. In Victor's case, he couldn't be broken of a fear of loud noises so had to go up for adoption...At the time, there were serious physcological problems in out home and it was a blessing from God to get Victor and he did save a life...
His puppy trainer has trained several dogs and we have got to know him and his wife personally since adopting Victor...Each year at Thanksgiving we make the annual trek to relatives and Jim, Victor's trainer is there with his wife... They purposely stay at the other end of the house ( ranch house ) and Jim, in a normal voice, will say, " is that you Victor " and Victor will run through the house to meet his " Pa Pa Jim " ( tears in my eyes now, lol ) Its always a wonderful reunion...and we all sit and give special Thanks before our meal...btw..Victor recognizes the route we take each year and knows where he is going a good ten miles before we get there..he starts to pant and lots of tail wagging...
The people raising these dogs are special people..and all deserve a special place in Heaven one raise a dog as intelligent as these dogs are, and then be able to give them up ...takes a very special and unselfish person...Bless you all..
Please support these wonderful matter which one it is...they all do wonderful work...
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