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Originally Posted by Lucy Goose View Post
That is wonderful. I would love to do something like that. I lost my dog a little over a year ago and it is still painful. I miss her so. How do you go about this?
I apologize for the error but I meant to put the link to Guiding Eyes in my original post. Instead I put the link to the same picture of Rhiana. I have fixed now it but you can also get it from here.

It really is a cool thing. I give my daughter all the credit in the world. It is quite a commitment for a high school kid. Although my wife and I will be pitching in she is the one that pursued this from the beginning and will be doing a large majority of the care and training. She saw a dog with a vest when we went to visit my son at college last fall. After speaking with the woman that had the dog she tracked down the link above and took it from there. Like I said above, she has been going to classes every other week since November to learn how to train the dog properly and now that she has her she will need to drive from Meredith down to Nashua every Sunday for the entire summer to continue those classes one on one with Rhiana and other dogs of the same age.

Although we are all loving it now we know it will be brutal when we have to give her up 18 months or so from now. I hope it helps that my daughter will be going off to college at about the same time we have to give Rhiana back.

I know they are always looking for volunteers so if you think you can do it just follow that link. I'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have, but may refer to my daughter for the real answers.

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