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Originally Posted by ApS View Post
I think this "accelerated" presence is normal.

They're checking on registrations. Y'know, cash-flow to the State.
Quite often ApS and I are on opposite sides of discussions.... But I agree I generally notice a strong presence until the 4th of July.... and Registration checking I believe is a good portion of what is going on....

I failed to put my new decals on once, I got pulled over in early may.... (I wish I could say it was an accident, but it wasn't because I left the damn things on my desk, at home, and wanted the boat in the water, so that I had one less thing to do the next weekend when I had guests coming)..... needless to say Mr. MP and I had a discussion... He was nice about, it and was told by dispatch that the boat was indeed registered.... We agreed that it was a temporary color blindness issue... and left it at that.... And wouldn't you know it, he visited me the next weekend and waived after verifying the correct colored decals where present....

Anyways back to what ApS and I agree on... which as I said is rare.... Once the season gets rolling, I think verifying registrations are current visually goes by the wayside, as they have to deal with all the other violations that they see..... and of course I am sure pull more then one person over that not only was being capt. Bonehead, but also forgot to registar their boat. The other thing is that as the season goes on, because most of the action is on the southern side of the lake, the Northern part of the lake gets less Patrols.... Because it is generally quieter....
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