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Default Weekends

For those of us who work during the weekdays, evening cruises on week nights are quite calming and peaceful. With the extended daylight hours, you can still get 3-4 hours on the lake even with an 8-5 job.
Our boat is located on Meredith Bay and truthfully I don't have any issues with boating on the weekends. Have I seen some bonehead moves out there, absolutely. However, the way I look at it is that I'm on "lake time", which is my most valued time all week. I'm not going to let anyone's actions take that away from me. I am seasoned enough to be able to handle most situations and if it looks like too much effort to progress to a certain spot, I simply go the other way.
"Lake Time" is too precious not to take advantage of during my days off. Timing, attention to detail and some great friends to share it with are enough to overcome any crowded situation.
I'm glad that there is more MP visibility to help with some of the inattentive / rude drivers.
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