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Originally Posted by XCR-700 View Post
So what do you guys think is up with the bad driving, just like the first snow its still early in the season and these folks need to get their act together, or are these new boaters who just need more time in the seat, or is it the new I dont care about anyone else as long as I have the fun I want mentality that seems to be taking over the country???

I definitely see the me first attitude when waiting for dock space at town docks. No etiquette, no manners, just punch through the crowd and too bad for anyone else. It creates a very dog-eat-dog hostile environment.

Its gotten to the point where I will not go out on the water on a Saturday during July and August. Its just too much work to avoid problems and not fun worrying about the other guy all day or dealing with bad attitudes and far too aggressive operators. Too many Saturday boaters on Winnipesaukee act like they are on an episode of Miami Vice, racing down the inter-coastal toward the open ocean trying to look good for the camera.

Maybe mine is a unique experience/observation,,,
Friends of ours saw the Same ignorant behavior at the Weirs dock onSaturday. People waiting for an open space then some idiot cutting in front and taking it. 210,000 new registrations this year means a lot of new boats, jet skis etc.. most marinas and pwc dealers are sold out of boats and jet skis. Could be a dangerous year on the lakes
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