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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Is it me or is there a much increased MP presence so far this year?

I've only been out a few times this year, but yesterday alone I saw three or four vessels getting pulled over in just a few hours.

I will say that I've seen an exponential rise in poor/dangerous behavior up north where it's usually much quieter—I had a bro split me and an oncoming vessel by fewer than twenty feet coming through the channel out of Ambrose Cove yesterday. At least the dude waved as he skipped along!

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Yes, I have only been out twice so far and seen a lot more MP activity than last year, and also like you I have seen a lot of reckless operation so I am very happy to see the MP out there.

Sometimes I think they (MP) do a tremendous good just being seen.

I'm not a fan of random on the water safety checks as its not really easy to deal with having another boat 5 feet away while waves are rolling you around and then trying to show you have all your safety gear while the boat is full of people. I think the safety checks are best left for dockside. Also not a big fan of strict enforcement of someone having an arm or leg over the side while underway. Sorry, I just dont see the risk once you are away from the dock.

But anything else, I am always thankful to see the MP on the water and especially when they are helping anyone, really comforting to know the are on the lake.

Just wish the reckless drivers were a bit more careful. It really doesn't take much to apply a little common sense and with just a little common sense you can avoid the majority of boating problems.

Hope its a safe summer for everyone, and thanks to the MP for all they do to keep things safe for us.
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