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Thumbs down Government Got Ethanol Wrong--Especially for 2-Strokes...

Originally Posted by XCR-700 View Post
But you are comparing your x-years old 2 - stroke to a brand new 4 - stroke, not a reasonable comparison. I could tell you all the reasons a new 2 - stroke is better than an x-year old 4 - stroke when they first hit the market and anyone would say not valid.
You need to compare both as current model year engines on a boat where the differences like weight may have an impact (or not) and you will see each has its merits. That 50+ Lbs - 100 Lb extra weight of the same horsepower 4 - stroke engine is an unacceptable problem on many bass/ski/sport/flats boats, where as on a 40' Formula its not even notable. All is not equal, and 4 - strokes outboards are not a universal better option. Maybe better in many cases, but not all.
Inflatable boats require lighter engines. Even 20-foot sailboaters are looking for lightness among their 4-6 HP choices. Moving down to 3-HP compromises movement against current and tides.

Let's use the 2-strokes as mining, forming, and machining new motors are moving manufacturing overseas. (To our ultimate detriment).
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