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1) As for pics or it did not happen, if I can figure out a screen shot will the CC statement suffice?
2) As for keeping old stuff "just because" 1965-66? little then fishing w/ father behind the Alton cemetery with a kerosene lantern...still fish but use a battery operated one now...brighter & no smell.
3) As for merits of 2 or 4 stroke...I'm an end user of both, was committed to one but then "saw the wallet" and changed. I listed 7 upgrades/changes with my 4-stroke I'm all ears if you want to tell me what I missed with my 2-stroke?
4) As for nostalgic I had a model-T 175 (only need 7 tools to fix it) now I have a 150 Lambo (But you need a computer to fix it) but the Lambo gets better gas mileage?
5) As for Mom's Pinto, remember on the rear bottom fender and the door the
Pinto decal...what was under the decal?
MPG... due to the oil crises. All I'm saying is upgrade... MPG...saving $180-200 this year in 2-stroke oil. Early guesstimate on gas $300. Tune up unknown, cheapest in years was $385...usually $600 plus due to part replacements needed, I'm very nostalgic... about keeping money in my wallet.
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