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Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
Well I got a ticket from a young MPO back in 2003, who claims he just graduate from NH Police Academy. The reason he brought that up is he looks awfully young to be an officer. He gave me a ticket for anchoring without my running lights on! (port,starboard lights). I argued that the anchor light (white light) is all I need and he insist he knows the law, even though he has never been on a boat or gone boating before he joined the marine patrol. I ask him if he had taken the USCG boating course or the NH safety boater's course and his reply was. 'NHMP gives all MPO's a course'.
A call to his CO in Glendale took care of the ticket. I heard he quit law enforcement after his stint with the the MP.

I think I have been stopped by the same MPO. There is no way he was more than 19 years old. Some may be professional law enforcement but this guy was definitely summer help!!! He was pleasant enough but I am not sure how much he knew about boats.
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