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Originally Posted by winni for fun View Post
A couple of years ago I was heading towards Harilla in my 15' center console. Five people (myself, my parents, and two brothers) in the boat (coast guard approved for six), everyone is wearing a life jacket, and we were cruising at about 20 mph. It was the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. Out of nowhere a MP boat races up next to me with his blues flashing. I slow to a stop and he yells at me for violating the 150' rule. I asked him what he was talking about as the only other boat around was the one he was driving. He said I was within 150' of him, I said he was the one who pulled up to me. He responded with something along the lines of "You broke the rules, and I am here to enforce them." Had it not been for my father calling MP headquarters to report the incident as this was going on, I think I would have given me a ticket.

In another incident, it was a Wednesday night heading back from Meredith and in between Sandy Island and Long Island was a stopped MP boat with all their lights off. No anchor lights at all, and had it not been for the moon reflecting off the bow numbers the boats would have collided. As soon as the boats passed the MP officer flipped his navigation lights on and high tailed it out of their. Someone caught the bow numbers of the MP boat, and the incident was reported the next morning. The MP officer had his commercial boat license revoked, and as a result he lost his position as a MP officer.

Just a couple of stories to add to the frustration. They are supposed to be there to protect us, but sometimes they put us in more danger.
Where are you located? i have countless stories like the ones you mentioned
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