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Cool "The House" always Wins...

Originally Posted by JEEPONLY View Post
You ever wait in a line of those people having their losing tickets scanned in the store?- then you wait, some more, while they decide what other ways to waste their (cash) money. The percentage of "winners" must be very high (ha ha) because they keep coming back for more, expecting a different result. Then they use a credit/debit card to buy a coffee and doughnut for three dollars! Pathetic. Lottery tickets of any kind take the word "convenience" out of the meaning of the name Convenience Store.They ARE the poor peoples' tax.
In North Carolina, I waited in line behind a older barefoot teen , who was checking her "winnings" from a handful of tickets. Only one card had her "winning", for a total of four dollars.

I would have walked away but, without stepping out of line, she bought four more tickets!
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