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Originally Posted by Major View Post
The number of drug users are worse than ever. I went to 4:00 pm Mass at St. Josephs and parked in the large parking lot adjacent to city hall. On the grass near the river, two drug addicts were trying to revive another drug addict who was sprawled on the ground. I waited a little to call 911 just in case, but he seemed to be coming around so I left.

Around the corner at the library, the usual litany of homeless people were hanging around on the steps of the library.

Yes, there are businesses trying to make it, but we are not attracting the type of people who will make these businesses thrive. The older population is being replaced by Section 8 and drug rehab types, and my guess is that they are not the target audience for expensive coffee shops and lunch places, or to attend the theater.
Correct Major, Thank you. Unfortunately Laconia is going in the way of Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Denver, Seattle, etc etc. Maybe not as strong due to population, but just seems to be the same scenario as most L-----L run Cities and States. That's not being pessimistic that is Reality.
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