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Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
If you are so pessimistic about Laconia why do you still live there? Yes I have spoken to many residents and law enforcement and all say it is definitely getting better, maybe not as fast as they would like but again a positive direction.

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Money reasons rule so many things. I'm not saying you DIDN'T speak with any, however I highly doubt it. They KNOW it's not getting better, and if your friends with them, they will tell you the truth. Take the Colonial Theater as the PRIME EXAMPLE, There as been talk for years and years about refurbishing it. I actually know one of the Key people in the revitalization aspect of it. It won't happen. These will be my last words with you. You choose to wear rose colored glasses. I only the other hand don't wear glasses and can see what's going on perfectly. When reality hits you, then and only then you will see what Laconia has begun and continuing to be. Try to have a wonderful day.
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