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Gives you MSRP vs actual dealer cost and I have been told it's pretty accurate.

Does not include any other fees freight, doc, etc... but interesting to look at and compare to what is being offered for a price. Just bear in mind this is versus full MSRP.

Of course this does not reflect what the actual profit margin per unit is from a manufacturers standpoint and I got to believe they are pretty high. When you see these massive factory authorized discounts or buying incentives it gives you an idea, and they are STILL making money!

I caught several dealers sporting "boat show pricing" at the boat show but a quick check revealed it was full MSRP. LOL gotta love SOME sales people.

Good luck, Whalers are tough to find a deal on. They sell themselves and the dealers know it. RARELY have I seen any substantial discount on one. Used are no better, especially the small ones under 20 foot. They are what they are. Nice build and probably the best "investment" boat wise as they don't really depreciate if cared for.
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