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Originally Posted by AC2717 View Post
SO my question becomes:

with mooring and docks and the current laws, isn't it true that current boats cannot swing off a mooring or be docked over the property line of a neighbor? wouldn't this hold true in this situation, especially because of property lines already established, and there are slips under that pier that boats went into that kept them on the pier's side of a property line.

I for one am disappointed with East Coast Flight tech and the Dive owners for setting up this way, and I hope it is temporary. One would think neighbor discussion should have happened.

Seems like ever since the Goodhue Hawkins/East Coast Flight Craft took over Colbalt up in NH they have been trying to take over the world, which good for them, and I'm fine with that but now they are over stretching with this move. They wont block the Anthony's view but will cross over the property line to block others and yes that is a navigational hazard in that area

I truly believe that property owner and the owners on that street have a legitimate complaint in multiple aspects
Where is "Shore Things" when we need him? I am sure he would have an answer or if he doesn't he would certainly know where to get the correct answer
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