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Talk'n about old trailer trips from the 1950's towed with sedan style cars..... here's a movie ..... The Long Long Trailer (1953) with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz .... driving what looks like ..... just guessing here ..... a 1953 Mercury Monterey convertible w/ a 125-hp flathead V-8 .... and the trailer is a 36-foot, 1953 Redman 'New Moon' model.

Seems like a whole lot of trailer for a 125-hp gasoline motor..... on the mountain road .... must have had a three on the tree, manual, set up with a hill-climber 2nd gear and a heavy duty clutch!

"Say Lucy ...... oh Lucy ..... could you please get out and help with this trailer by giving it a push!"

This movie is a regular on Turner Classic Movies .... showing up every few months.
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