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I checked on my waterfront land assessment and it did go up by 16.67%. I checked a sampling of 4 of our acquaintances in Moultonborough on different parts of the Lake and their waterfront land values also went up by exactly the same factor of 16.67%. Our respective shore fronts have wildly different characteristics – walk in sandy beach, perched beach, no beach (all ledge), etc. How is that possible when as I understand it, the assessment of the land is supposed to be based on the value of that individual parcel? Unless the answer is that the values prior to this preliminary re assessment were perfect and without error so that all the “expert” had to do was apply one percentage increase across the board, this makes no sense. That approach would certainly hold down the “experts” cost of doing the work. The response that the final tax rate may (???) not result in a tax increase is not satisfactory since if the assessment is flawed, then that does not make the final tax any less flawed. It will be interesting to see that the State Department of revenue Administration thinks of this valuation methodology.
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