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Unfortunately with the popularity of Bass fishing, growing on the lake this was an inevitable problem. This like is not a hot bed of Bass breading and habitat. And thus over fishing is a reality on this lake.

Ultimately what will hopefully happen, is that the Bass fisherman will start to lose interest in Winnipesaukee, as the size and number of bass available to catch dwindles and then they can naturally build their numbers and sizes back up.

Over the years I have noted that bass fishing on the lake, changes and goes through popularity peaks and valleys.... Hopefully we are near peak, and we will head into a valley.....

With all that said there is a very serious problem I have noted on the lake in recent years, while I see many fisherman practicing catch and release, I am noticing the number of them doing it properly dwindling. Many more fish then ever before are being spotted belly up on the lake, in almost all cases I decided to look at (the ones that end up on my shoreline)... Hooks have been riped out cause internal damage, instead of removed properly with Pliers to limit the damage.
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