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Originally Posted by bigdog View Post
My Propane furnace seems to be constantly running and not sure why ?
Stats: Trans 90 XL (90k BTU output)

Gas service tech checked furnace and nothing appears to be wrong, all 3 gas jets firing OK.

The thing is the zone thermostat (Honeywell( indicates the tempperature is set at 67 degrees, however, the room temperature reading indicates 65 degrees.
Consequently the furnace never shuts down because it is constantly calling for heat to reach the thermostat setting.

New batteries were installed in 'all' house thermostats.

Do you think I have a bad thermostat ?


This is common when a furnace is under fired. It might say 90K btu's on the tag, but if the gas line is too small it will only allow whatever the line size does. Have you ever had problems in cold weather before? Could be the thermostat, is it a programmable? Is this a zoned system... check the dampre and make sure it's opened all the way.
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